Bathroom system

The bathroom is a place designed for relaxation after day’s of hard work. Contemporary bathrooms, often decorated with the great expense of time and money are often perceived as the showpiece of our house. It is worth remembering that in addition to carefully chosen colours and tiles, one of the vital aspects of every bathroom is its practicality. When designing your bathroom you should also remember about the elements which are not visible and yet play a decisive role in making our bathroom fl oors and walls functional and well-protected against moisture for long years. These elements, often hidden from view behind beneath tiles, mirrors or sanitary ceramics are construction chemicals such as: self-levelling mortars, sealants and adhesives.

TYTAN Professional Bathroom System is a comprehensive solution which off ers a wide array of products designed for various types of substrates, formats and claddings. The system was developed after many years of technological eff orts and practical testing carried out in the consultation with builders. TYTAN Professional Bathroom System includes a series of components which allow you to carry out the following works:

• equalizing substrate absorbency – Multigrunt
• levelling voids and defects – GEA 3-30 Quick-Setting Levelling Mortar
• substrate waterproofi ng – Hydro 1K Flexible Sealing Mortar or Tytan Liquid Foil
• gluing on tiles – Superfl ex S1 High Flexibility Tile Adhesive or Marmurfl ex S1 White Adhesive with Trass
• grouting – Tytan Grout
• silicone sealing – Tytan Sanitary Silicone

In the case of using heating mats as a part of our bathroom system, we embed it between two layers of the S1 class adhesives, for example Superfl ex S1 High Flexibility Tile Adhesive, Marmurfl ex S1 White Adhesive with Trass or Megafl ex S1 Hybrid Tile Adhesive. These highly elastic and formable adhesives have a proven track record of excellence on diffi cult, demanding substrates. They are designed for heavy, wide tiles. Marmufl ex S1 Adhesive, Tras-enriched, Marmufl ex S1 Adhesive is a great choice for bonding marble, both natural and synthetic, and natural stone. Additionally, it protects them against effl orescence and discolouration.

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