Panel Bonding System — A faster way of cladding




Wall cladding is a construction system used in ventilated facades in which the exterior of a building is covered with panels. The panels are installed in the facade by being fi xed to a rail which is anchored to the structure of the building. The most common materials for Facade Cladding are panels made of ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) since it is a strongand lightweight material. With Fix Panels system the panels can be fi xed to the rail in an easy and fi rm way without the need for anchoring. The system was tested according to UNE EN 12865: 2002 and DRAFT ETAG 034 for resistance to pressure and wind suction and resistance to rainwater.

Fix Panels system guarantees:

• High initial grab
• Fast panel fi xation
• Movement and vibrations absorption
• Resistance to humidity and changes
in temperature
• Flexibility of design (curves) not feasible
with mechanical fi xing
• Concealed fi xing providing aesthetic
• Reduction of mechanical stresses
• Minimal maintenance
• No Isocyanates

Basic Steps:

• Cleaning panel and rails using the Primer C-29
• I nstallation of the FIX PANEL double-sided
tape on the track to maintain the panel
in place while Fix Panel adhesive is curing
• A pplication of the FIX PANEL adhesive
on the rails
• Panel gluing



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