Pro Energy System

To reduce heat loss from the building you should not only ensure the selection of energy-effi cient windows (with best U coeffi cient), but also correct installation and the use of high quality materials to insulate joint around the window. By using Tytan Window System we reduce the occurrence of fungi, mold and thermal bridges.

The main three benefi ts of Tytan Window System are:

  • Dry window without humidity, fungi and mold – common causes of allergies and diseases
  • Excellent thermal insulation of installed window – cold air does not penetrate into the house, warm air does not escape from the house
  • Perfectly tight seal around installed

What is thermal bridge ?

An element of partition with much higher thermal conductivity ratio thanthe adjacent elements. Due to the temperature diff erences between the inside and the outside of a building, the point-cooling of the partition takes place. The thermal bridge leads to the intensifi ed, uncontrolled heat outfl ow.

The consequences of the forming of thermal bridges are extremely inconvenient and cause a lot of problems, such as the following:

  • an uncontrolled heat outfl ow, which lead to the excessive consumption of energy which aff ects the heat balance of the building
  • the cooling of outer walls which may lead to an increased moisture content due to vapor condensation. This, in turn often results in the appearance of mold and fungi, which have a detrimental effect on human health
  • serious damage may be incurred to the construction elements

Thermal Bridges form in the following places:

  • roof and outer wall connection
  • area where windows are fi tted
  • balcony and fl oor connection
  • tie beams and lintels
  • basement walls and basement ceilings top rims

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The installation of the window on the wall surface is the most energy-effi cient solution. In this technology thermal bridges are reduced the isotherm is transferred outside the building. In this technology it must be kept in mind not to double the outer vapor-permeable insulation. The objective is to preserve the continuity of insulation and not to double it. We should avoid changing it from the vapor-permeable into the vapor-tight one. The stability of the structure is ensured by mechanical supports, consoles or external installation profi les.

In order to increase the effi ciency of installation work for fi xing polystyrene shapes we recommend Tytan Professional Foam Adhesive 60 Seconds.

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