Tack-R Green Roofs — Flat Roof System


Green Herba and Green Sedum are the modern systems of biologically active roofs that respond to the need for increasing greenery in urban areas. The roof covering is resistant to root ingress and designed so that to load the roof structure to a small extent.


1. Extensive/intensive vegetation
2. Green ST Sedum/Herba substrate
3. Green Filler 100 fi ltration
4. Green Drain drainage
5. Torch-on bituminous membrane
Tack-R Green S40
6. Self-adhesive bituminous
membrane Tack-R Fix20 S27
7. EPS 100 thermal insulation
8. Vapour-proof membrane
Tack-R ALU S30
9. Priming preparation
10. Steel-concrete ceiling


▪ Resistance to root ingress (FLL certifi cate)
▪ Ability to apply intensive or extensive plants
▪ Low load of roof structure (from 120 kg/m2 when fully soaked)
▪ Reduced noise level inside the premises


• Steel and concrete structures
• Residential buildings, commercial centres, logistics centres
and warehouses


Product name SBS-modified Base material Assembly EN PL Thickness Length Pallet quanity
Tack-R Green S40 SBS (-20) Polyester Torch-applied 13 707, 13 969 4,0 mm 7,5 rm 150 pcs.
Tack-R SU20 S25 SBS (-20) Glass, fabrix Self adhesive 13 707 2,5 mm 10,0 rm 240 m2
Tack-R S ALU S26 SBS (-20) Veil + Alu Self adhesive 13 707 2,6 mm 10,0 rm 240 pcs.


Product name Description Parameters Dimensions Sales unit
GreenDrain Drainage cumulative mat for systems of green roofs: Green Sedum and Green Herba Retention – 6 l/m² 1,9 m x 20 m x 2 cm Roll
GreenFiller 100 Drainage mat in green roof systems Green Sedum and Green Herba. Designed for road traffi c and shared zones Grammage – 100 g/m² 2 m x 50 m Roll
GreenST Herba/ Sedum Intense substrate intensive for Green Herba/ Green Sedum system Weight – approx. 1200 kg/m³ Consumption – approx. 1,15 90 x 90 x 135 Pcs.

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