Tytan Professional Tiling System


Tytan Professional Tiling System is a comprehensive solution designed for performing tilingoperations. It is the outcome of experience and our passion in the fi eld of construction  chemicals gained over many years. The combination of these two elements led to the development of a professional range of products meeting the highest European requirements. The users of our systems contribute to the development of our products by sharing with us their experience and expertise. This motivates us to strive for perfection in order to fulfil the expectations of our users of the Tytan Professional Tiling System you can be sure you reach for the most reliable solution.

1. Substrate

2. Multigrunt
• Concentrated
• Increases adhesion
• Strengthens substrate

3. GEA 3-30 Quick-Setting Levelling Mortar

4. Hydro 1K Flexible Sealing Mortar
• One-component cement sealing mortar
• Excellent adhesion, flexibility and easy to use
or Hydro 2K
• Two-component waterproofi ng mortar

5. Tapes

6. Superflex S1 High Flexibility Tile Adhesive
• S1 high fl exibility adhesive
• All types of tiles
• Large format
• Diffi cult substrates, weather resistant

7. Back Up Rod

8. GEA 746 Wide Tile Grout

9. Terraces & Balconies Sealant & Adhesive
• Extreme bonding strength
• Excellent adhesion
• Resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions

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